Branding your business with a professional photographer will take your business to a new level!
  • Ready to take your business to the next level?
  • Need to visually fine-tune your brand? 
  • Want to capture the essence of your company?
  • What does your imagery say about your brand?
The Power of visual Branding gives your clients a first impression or an idea of who you are before they invest in you, or your product. Your visual brand speaks on your taste, your beliefs, and your choices. Bringing YOU, and YOUR Brand to life IS MY PURPOSE!

Melly B!
We take pride in ensuring the safety of our clients is met by social distancing and Contactless Photo Shoots. We abide by all CDC guidelines and require masks are worn while shooting your Photo's. 

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“Melly B is such a great photographer. I was super nervous but she made me comfortable. Im so happy ”

— Natalie
 “Photos by MellyB!” helped me brand my business beyond the selfie. The images she captured far exceeded my expectations. The finished photos illuminated my best self and the quality finishing left me in awe. I highly recommend Photo by Melly B! to capture all milestones”

“Melly B revived my brand with ONE shot. I had been struggling to define my brand but some how she was able to capture the words I could barely articulate into a single image. Needless to say she is now the exclusive photographer for my company”

— Kimesha Robinson, URBAN GEMS 
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